A repair and preparation workshop at the forefront of technology

RepairOur workshop is equipped with new machines at the cutting edge of technology, latest generation REICHMANN DTS-U PRO: ceramic sharpener 4 faces + PROFI 4: Combined stone and band for structure.

Thanks to the quality of our equipment and the expertise of our ski technicians, we maintain, repair and prepare your skis so that you can enjoy fantastic skiing in total safety.


  • Base restructuring according to the type of skiing required.
  • Edge sharpening for better hold on bends and improved security on hard snow and ice.
  • Waxing/base preparation according to snow quality.

Our Quality and Safety Commitment

RepairWe provide a personalised service from routine maintenance to competition preparation via the renovation of your equipment, and structure your skis according to the weather and the snow, to guarantee:

  • Better control on hard and frozen snow
  • Improved security
  • Fantastic skiing enjoyment

100% new machinery

JORDAN'S SPORTS has invested in the latest machinery to ensure that your equipment is prepared perfectly.